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5 Best Metal Earrings for Sensitive Ears

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Allergies are now a part of us, there’s no denying that. In a world where over 20% of people are allergic to non-curable allergies, the only thing left to do is to find an alternative, something that won’t flare up your nickel allergy particularly the best metal earrings for sensitive ears that won’t cause an allergic reaction on your beautiful skin.

If you’re one of those with sensitive skin and are sensitive metal jewelry, especially jewelry containing nickel, don’t fret, there are a lot of choices to choose from when shopping for the best earrings made of metals for sensitive ears.

This review is especially useful If you’re looking for earrings without nickel, hence they are all hypoallergenic. These earrings have no nickel contact during their crafting and have different base metal in place of nickel.

Whether you’re looking for jewelry to use as a filler earring or looking for something to bring out your class while still keeping your nickel allergy at bay, there’s definitely that nickel-free earring for your sensitive ears, and who knows, it might turn out to be the best yet!

These are the best metal earrings for sensitive ears out there

No 1.

14K Gold/ Gold-plated Sterling-Silver Pearl Earrings by PAVOI

If pearl stud earrings are your thing, then this is definitely for you. It comes in different sizes ranging from 5mm up to 10mm. This is a fine grade earring for very sensitive ears, that’s because it is handcrafted with 925 Sterling Silver and finished with a Rhodium plating, these earrings definitely deserves the name for one of the best metal earrings for sensitive ears!



Sterling Silver

If you’re looking for something more dazzling and shiny, an earring to which shows more style and vibrancy then you’ll like this next one

No 2.

14k White-Gold Moissanite Diamond Stud Earrings by FANCIME

If you ever wanted an affordable diamond (look-alike) earrings that won’t break your bank, then this is it!

No, they aren’t real diamonds, but they’re darn close! If you didn’t know what moissanite is, take a seat and let me break it down fo you. Moissanite is a sparkly gem.

They are a CHEAPER alternative to diamonds, with properties very close to diamonds, they’re pretty hard, and they even shine brighter than diamonds!  If these aren’t the best metal earrings for sensitive ears, then I’m not sure what is!

These earrings come in four-carat sizes, 0.20, 0.60, 1 and 2 carats.

hopefully, you would fall in love with those two earrings above, but in case you’re a hard chase, and white gold and sterling silver isn’t your thing, then perhaps, this glamorous 14-carat gold by pandora will have you screaming yes, oh yes!

No 3

Timeless Elegance Zirconia Stud Earrings by Pandora

Pandora is a well-known brand in the jewelry business domain, their quality and jewelry’s longevity is unquestionable. This earring was beautifully crafted to for all the beautiful women out there! The Zirconia stone and 14K gold-plating will ensure that this stud will definitely match any outfit you throw at it!

No. 4

Zirconia Asscher-Cut Sterling Silver earrings by Swarovski

It’s a general belief that good things don’t come cheap, and cheap things don’t come good. If a bridge ever existed where perfection, beauty, inexpensive meets, that’ll be on these gorgeous vintage-looking Asscher-cut drop earrings!

With a price tag below 50, its price tag and expensive-looking is on the sweet spot that’ll sure make you smile, in style! It’s well designed and crafted, and features a lever-type closing system at the back. It comes in two colors, platinum-plated sterling silver, and gold plated.

No. 5

if you’re looking for a more elegant piece or earring, this search no more, these natural diamond earrings will fill that spot in your heart. Made using white gold and finished with Rhodium means is completely nickel-free for that added protection from nickel allergy. Colors come in both white and yellow gold and a 0.58-carat diamond for the add cherry-ness!  This is a perfect gift for anniversaries, celebrations and definitely valentine! Head over to Amazon and check it out right away.

It wasn’t easy selecting earrings for this list of the best metal earrings for sensitive ears, it took a lot of editing, and many hours of long reading and scrolling, but in the end, I hope this review was able to help you chose the best earrings for your sensitive ears!

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