Welcome to Too Allergic. I’m Agnes, I’m not an allergy specialist nor a medical professional, and I’m not posing as such. However, I do enjoy researching and collecting data about things that matter to me, which is about my mom and my son’s allergic condition. Please, do not substitute any information on tooallergic.com for professional advice from a licensed medical practitioner, always confirm with your doctor first.

Hello, sveiki, and welcome to Tooallergic.com! My name is Agnes and I’m the founder of TooAllergic.com.

Apart from being a wife to my awesome husband, a stay-at-home mom, and the mother to my three adorable children, I’m also an educator, a multi-lingual translator, and researcher; I love combing through hundreds of online information while sieving out the quality and trustworthy information.

As a mother of 3, peaceful and healthy living has been all I wanted, until my mom was diagnosed with a nickel allergy. She experienced a severe allergic reaction to nickel, and that included other nickel-containing jewelry (which is a lot) even more, I was more devastated when we found out that our son has dust mite allergy, grass pollen allergy, and wood dust allergy!

I dived in even deeper into my thirst for more knowledge and started researching on allergies. The more I learn about all the weird allergens out there, the more I WANT TO KNOW! The need to learn more about allergens and living with them grow, I need to be able to take care of and protect my son from further exposures.

That’s when https://tooallergic.com was born. I decided to create this website to join and create more allergy awareness, to shed some more light on the allergens out there, especially the RARE ones.